Our Projects


  • 3D printed airframe and payload options for max $ savings.
  • Plan on using long range high resolution thermal camera to increase detection odds.
  • Our system includes a full training program ensuring new pilots know how to fully utilize our sUAS and optical systems.
  • We have found that crew training is the most critical factor in their success when searching for people with sUAS.
  • We hope to gather community support and volunteers to help fill gaps in our resumes and help with any issues along the way.
  • Our entire project will be open-designed under Creative Commons 4.0.

Key Features:

  • Tail-sitter VTOL airplane capable of fully automated missions.
  • 3D printed parts and designs, allows for rapid development and repairs.
  • High Resolution Thermal Camera + Laser Range Finder + RGB Cameras.
  • Hasty and detailed flight pattern searches using 3D printing algorithms.
  • Crew will be able to flag coordinates of “hotspots” for follow up or dispatch of ground SAR teams.

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