Our Sponsors are Helping us Save Lives

Our Wonderful Sponsors:

Thank you APC Propellers

Thank you APC Propellers for donating Propellers to our cause. If you are in need of quality propellers, great selection, and friendly service- check out my friends at APC Propellers! https://www.apcprop.com/

Thank you 3dLabPrint

Thank you 3DLabPrint for helping provide 3D printer filament for our project. If you are in need of quality filament specific for aviation, these are your guys. In fact I love printing with their Polyair product so much, it’s been my go-to filament for all projects. The LW-PLA foams great and looks very clean after a quick scrape. I could not be happier. They also have TONS of aircraft STLs and plans. Check them out: https://3dlabprint.com/

Thank You Reflex Software Development

“REFLEX XTR² is a revolutionary software that allows you to learn and to perfect the remote control of multicopters, model aircrafts and model helicopters. With impressive graphics and incredibly realistic simulation, every training session becomes an exciting experience.”

Thank you REFLEX software development for donating licenses of your software for our communities to use and learn from. I know the local high school kids are going to absolutely love learning to fly drones on your amazing software. If you are looking for an incredibly fun and realistic RC flight simulator, look no further than REFLEX XTR² . They have a 14-Day trial- check them out: https://www.reflex-sim.net/en

Thank you Ark Electonics!!!

Thank you Alex Klimaj, owner of Ark Electronics, for giving us a discount on his products. Alex and his team over at Ark Electronics are making cutting edge sUAS/Robotics electronics that are designed and built in the U.S.

openSAR.net is testing out his ARK Flow sensors for use on our indoor sUAS. Please check out his website at https://arkelectron.com/

Thank you again!!!